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Have you had a good week? Busy here as usual and I put a post up on FB about which radio stations you listen to.If I had to choose between watching the television or listening to the radio, the latter always wins hands down. Is this an age thing??

I also asked friends and family who are not on FB and the results of my poll are now in! 75 people took part and I am slightly surprised that the second favourite was not the overall winner.

Radio 4  24

Radio 2  21 

BBC Local Radio Stations 7

Classic FM 6

Radio 3 3

Smooth 4

Magic 2



Absolute 1

Heart 1

Beach 1

Radio 1 1

None 2

As for my favourite radio station it is Radio 4 in the house and Radio 2 in the car. Some great programmes are on Radio 4, Woman's Hour, Money Box,  You and Yours, Desert Island Discs, Just a Minute, News Quiz, and of course, The Archers.

I enjoy Jeremy Vine and Steve Wright In the Afternoon if I am out driving, plus Johnny Walker and Tony Blackburn at the weekends.

When I was young, my late mother used to write down the Top Twenty for me on a Tuesday lunchtime when I was at secondary school. Circa 1966-1971. I was an avid Radio 1 fan from the day it started broadcasting in 1967 and Tony Blackburn played Flowers In the Rain by The Move, but now I am ashamed to say I don't know any chart postions or who is Number 1!

I could recite the top twenty off by heart week in week out and my late father would often comment "If only you would pay attention to your school work in the same way that you do this, you will go far!" 

Commercial radio stations are annoying as they have too many adverts and the DJ's often end tracks before they have finished playing.

If any of you want to comment on which station you listen to and why, I can update these statistics!!

The Move performing Flowers In The Rain in 1969

Have a good week and see you next Saturday.

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