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Blog Week 54

Photo copyright Brian O'Donoghue

As many of you already know, I am a member of Helen Vereker Singers and on Saturday October 3rd around thirty of us shared the stage at The Courtyard Hereford with Blake! 

Now one would think it would be easy to learn a few lines of the five songs we performed with them. I am pretty good at recalling the words of tracks from endless bands over the years, so I thought this would not prove to be a  problem.

However, I struggled and spent every walk I took last week carrying my lyric sheets and repeating the words over and over. Passers by must have thought I was, well, slightly barmy!

Especially reciting the phonetics from Nessun Dorma - Eel no mare soo nes-sun sah-pra. Eh noy dove rem aye mare mo-ree mo-ree. This old brain of mine couldn't get it!

However, Derek came to the rescue and advised for the first line 'Think fish then horse, then Liverpool football player'. WHAT??? But it worked! Eel = fish, mare = horse and sooness = Graham Souness!!  Then for the second line bird, R E M and horse. Dove = bird, REM =  the group REM and mare = horse once again.  So that song was sorted!

We did the same principle with the other songs and by the time we started to rehearse and then during the 'live' performance, I remembered my lines!!

Blog week 54

All ready!

So, the big day dawned and excitement and nerves mounted. At 5pm I was ready to leave and a 'pre concert' photo was taken by Derek in my back garden. 

Blog Week 54

Refreshment needed! Photo Copyright Helen Vereker

Arriving at the Courtyard finally brought it home that I was actually going on stage with my lovely choir friends and Blake! The foyer and cafe was buzzing with members of the choir and public. We were ready to go for our rehearsal now with Blake!

Blog week 54

Humphrey explaining the order of performance Photo copyright Brian O'Donoghue

I'm pleased to say it all went smoothly and it was now time to go and get 'glammed' up! 

Blog Week 54

Make up applied! Photo copyright Helen Vereker

We went back to our dressing room and Jane and Stella applied my make up! Soon it was 7.30 pm and we made our way to the stage entrance to perform our first song together. "You Raise Me Up'.

Blog 54

Performing 'Dance With Me Tonight' Photo copyright Brian O'Donoghue

This was followed by Hallelujah. We started the second set ON OUR OWN singing 'Dance With Me Tonight' and received fantastic applause for our efforts! We rejoined Blake for Up Where We Belong, then Nessun Dorma and finally Jerusalem for the encore which had the audience on its' feet! 

It was an evening to remember for a very long time and such a joy to take part in!

Have a good week everyone. See you next Saturday!!