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With Lego again topping the list of must have gifts for Christmas 2015, it made me think what an incredible invention this was and how it has maintained its popularity since 1949 when the first interlocking bricks were manufactured.

I always loved Lego as a child and so did my sons up until teenage years. Once their ages reached double figures, Technic lego was the toy of choice.

As the Lego website states 'Strong performance of product lines, such as LEGO® City, LEGO Creator as well as THE LEGO® MOVIE™ products contributed to sales growth in all regions of the world and led to a highly satisfactory annual result for the LEGO Group with sales increasing to 28.6 billion DKK.'

In February 2015, Lego was recognised as the 'world's most powerful brand' Not only are there the fabulous construction sets of Lego, but a Lego movie and Lego Amusement Parks.

© LEGOLAND is in the top fifteen most visited attractions in Denmark. As the website states:-

LEGOLAND Billund is the world's first LEGOLAND resort and a true celebration to the Danish LEGO brick. LEGOLAND Billund is located right by the airport, only a two hour flight from London. Inside the park, you will find amusements, a miniland of famous worldwide landmarks made of LEGO, and thematic restaurants. New in 2015: The world's biggest LEGO model made of more than 5 millions bricks

These statistics are staggering don't you think?!

In 1991, mum and my two sons went to Legoland  Billund for a five day holiday. The scale of the park then was mind boggling and we all had a fabulous time there !

I was looking through some photos from way back then and will share them with you. The quality and resolution is not up to today's digital photos, but I hope you can make them out okay!

Lego blog

Lego harbour and Lego Pirate Land

 Lego Blog

One son taking his Lego driving test (which he passed) and one son riding a Lego horse backwards!

Lego blog

The White House and The Statue of Liberty made from Lego!

Lego blog

Various Lego houses and parks

Lego Blog

Sons having their photo taken and Mum and one son ina Lego boat going around Pirate Island

Lego blog

A Lego airport and Lego cargo ships

I have no doubt that Lego will still be a favourite toy of choice for many more years yet and I fully expect it to be selling in 2049 when the brand will be 100 years old.

There is a brilliant article on the website to view, showing ways how Lego is such a brilliant and innovative educational toy.

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