Coronation Street

I was once asked seriously if as a writer I sat back and waited for inspiration. ‘How many books do you think I would write if I worked in that way?’ I asked.

Penhaligons Pride 

Caernoweth, Cornwall, came into being in 2010, while I was road-tripping across a section of America, bouncing ideas off my best friend.

Della P

I really enjoy writing about friendship. It’s a theme that runs through many of my books. In the Reading Group the focus is on female friendship.

 Nathan Guardian Angel

I have three grandchildren. My eldest granddaughter is sixteen and keeps me up to date with the latest trends in books and music, who’s hot and who’s not. My eldest grandson is thirteen and a whizz with technology, my littlest grandson is six, autistic and non-verbal.

Jeannette H

I am delighted to be interviewing Jeannette Hyde, best selling author of The Gut Makeover and The Gut Makeover Recipe Book.