Lotte Moore

 I’ve had a very varied career before becoming a writer. My first appearance on stage was as a flying witch in a pantomime, then a slave in the opera ‘Aida’.

A fainting nun in Carmelites and floating Rhine Maiden during a wonderful time as a dancer in the Royal Opera Ballet. I grew too tall and left to become an actress appearing in ‘Anne of a Thousand Days’, the film with Richard Burton as Henry 8th, I was a lady in waiting to Anne Boleyn. During the execution scene we had to put pessaries up our noses so that we could cry all morning until she was beheaded !

Later came ‘The Dance of the Vampires’. As I rose out of my grave number 74 my dress caught on a nail and I came up topless ! Roman Polanski yelled from the crane camera above ‘Hell, I don’t want a naked vampire – dress her again’.

After various other stage work I gave up acting to become a happily married mother of 45 years and greatly enjoyed two lovely daughters. Years later when they had fled the nest I found the empty house a sad place and took to writing. I saw an advertisement in my local swimming club one day which read “ You look after your body, why not look after your mind – and write.” And so I met Stephen Radley , a writer himself who gave me confidence and guidance to write my feelings, fears and hopes of my difficult and sometimes lonely early life yearning to achieve something noteworthy. Stephen helped release an honest account of really deep experiences I never thought I would reveal.

So at 70 my writing career began with “ Snippets of a Lifetime”, a vivid autobiography of my colourful life. A second edition has now been published..

I have been giving young children music lessons in my home for many years and I thought it would be fun to write stories for them. I’ve written 16, some are illustrated professionally and some are illustrated by the children themselves. I later published two volumes of short stories, ‘Ten Short Stories and a Long One’ and ‘Twelve More Short Stories’ and a slim poetry book, ‘Sensitive Sounds’ and finally I have written my first novel ‘ In the Fast lane’ about the destruction of relationships when people can’t slow down and which will be published next year. It was difficult to write about three different and related families.

Self-publishing has been a very tough journey, but luckily I met Helen Lewis who has literally transformed my writing career with her energetic publicity and enthusiasm. She also introduced me to an established publisher Matthew Smith of Urbane Publications who is publishing ‘Marvellous Mavis’ an eccentric story based on my dear aunt Lavender who was such fun, yet had a touch of Alzheimers. She was 80 – my age now, one day she rang us on her mobile to ask to be ‘rescued’. She had dropped the controls of her movable chair and couldn’t retrieve it , or get down from the chair and was stranded !

 Lottes War

Matthew has just published ‘Lotte’s War’ _ my experience as a 5 year old refugee at the start of W W ll. It’s important to share my experiences with school children now as I am the last generation living who can describe that life to them.

In recent years I have read my books to over 50 schools and when many 7 – 11 year olds are starting to study World War ll the are fascinated when I read ‘Lotte’s War’ to them with illustrations on Power Point and a table of an actual week’s rations.

The inspiration of writing for, and being with, children releases more imaginative ideas, but I find the pace of living spoils adult creativeness.

Here is my poem ‘A Silent Dream’:-

Fast and furious is the pace
We must slow down the human race.
I want to stop these damned machines
And hear our deepest, private dreams.

Why can’t we stop and simply wait,
Imagine and communicate.
Talk and touch or think out loud,
Share yourself, do not be proud!

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