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I am delighted to be interviewing Jeannette Hyde, best selling author of The Gut Makeover and The Gut Makeover Recipe Book.

Jeannette H

Me Good morning Jeannette, it is lovely to welcome you to my website.

Jeannette  Good morning Jan and thank you for your interest.

Me Have you always been interested in the way the human body works especially the gut area?

Jeannette There wasn't a lot of interest in this area of the body until a few years ago. I had a burn out about twelve years ago and my health really suffered. I realised that the body cannot keep being hammered and I needed to take more care of it. So I decided to go to university and do a four year course in Nutritional Therapy where I gained a BSc (Hons) in Nutritional Therapy. ​My method focusses on eating multi-ingredient meals, to nourish your microbiome - that's the kilo and a half of bacteria living principally in your gut. This area is the control centre of our health. I’m fascinated by new research linking the microbiome with a happy gut, balanced weight, and overall wellbeing.


Me How does this diet differ from others?

Jeannette I don't like the word diet. It hints of deprivation, calorie counting etc. I use the word plan. I like to think of this approach to eating as 'buy one, get ten free', Evidence shows that as well as weight loss, skin looks better, immune system is stronger, anxiety diminishes, sleep improves, more energy as a result and so on. My plan includes many different types of fruit, fibre, plant based ingredients, fish and meat. Extra virgin olive oil is ideal to add to many dishes.  We need to eat three healthy meals per day  and have a 12 hour fast between our evening meal and breakfast the following morning. You need so much diversity in your diet. Variety is the key.

 Jeannette H

Me As we age, do we need to be more aware of what we eat?

JeannetteAbsolutely. As we get older, we produce less stomach acid, so it is very important that we chew every mouthful really well. 20 times is ideal.  This stimulates the stomach acid and breaks down food in order to have a better microbiome. Make sure you see your dentist regularly too as teeth are so important in order to break down the food.

Me Do you include exercise as part of your plan?

Jeannette  My book doesn't include exercise. But I think exercise is important and I have half an hour of brisk walking every day. I like the sun in my face and getting my dose of Vitamin D. I don't like gyms. I prefer fresh air.

Me Can your recipes be made for the whole family to eat together?

Jeannette Yes, one of my friends did the four week plan and said she wouldn't tell her family. She just added loads more vegetables to their plates etc. Her husband didn't notice. It took ten days until another friend called round and asked how the plan was going!! Then the cat was out of the bag!! So long as there are lots of varieties of foods, lots of colours and textures, then the plan is easy to follow.

Me You have a very busy lifestyle. Do you stick to your 4 week plan on a regular basis?

Jeannette I don't live on the gut makeover plan my whole life.  I designed the plan as a four week intervention. Variety, variety, variety is the key word. I know I keep saying this, but it really does help to have different colours and textures on your plate. The outlook for this plan is long term. For instance when I go to a restauarant I may have fish and several sides of salads and vegetables, plus olives etc.  I drink fermented milk most days, (kefir) and keep my alcohol content down along with caffeine and sugar intake.

Me Many thanks Jeannette, this has been a most interesting and enlightening interview. I am looking forward to reading your book as I am sure many OAPSchatters will be too!

Jannette  Thank you for having me.

Do visit Jeannette's website and see details of her clinics, retreats and blogs, plus there is a link to click on and register to receive her newsletter.

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