Sara gethin

I was amazed to read, the other day, that one in every three people over the age of 50 in the UK is a grandparent. That’s an awful lot of grandparents – around 14 million, apparently. And with the cost of childcare being so high, many of them are looking after their grandchildren on a regular basis, saving their own children £6.8 billion – as a nation, that is.

Brian Fish book

As I approached my ninetieth birthday, and as I was still reasonably alert and competent, I had the idea of composing something autobiographical for the benefit of the family.

Wren jane Beacon
Dunkirk 1940. The British Army is saved from annihilation by the Royal Navy and a myriad of small boats. But why is a girl there, driving a naval motor cutter to take troops to the ships lying off the beaches under constant bombardment?

Jane L

Good morning Jane, it is lovely to meet you. I feel as if I know you already as I have read many of your books. Margaret (James) my sister first introduced me to you through your novel Please Don’t Stop The Music, which I have read and re read many times.