Liz Fenwick

I'm a novelist and I can write anywhere. This is a good thing because I live in three different places - Dubai, London and Cornwall. When people discover that I live in Dubai and the UK they look at me enviously. And I understand why, I do , I really do, but the reality is a bit different. From the mundane - that the item you want like the book you really fancy reading to the perfect shoes for the day are always in the wrong the important-you are in the wrong place to attend something special.


For me, life really did begin at fifty five. I was fifty five years old when I took early retirement from teaching after thirty four years at the chalk face and pursued my dream to become a published author.

Today I have invited author Sophie Duffy to have a mince pie and a cup of tea with me. Hope you are ready for Christmas Sophie!

carol matthews

Today, I'm delighted to welcome best selling author Carole Matthews to answer some questions for us. I have enjoyed reading Carole's books for a number of years now and am intrigued to read her answers to my questions!

kate long

Following on from her article on water voles, I am privileged to be interviewing Kate Long.