Liz Gill

I am delighted to be interviewing Elizabeth Gill on the day her new book comes out - The Guardian Angel.

Orphanage Liz Gill

Zeb, the hero in my book, calls the sweetshop where they live Alice’s Chocolate Orphanage. Because Alice, my heroine, rescues him after he comes out of prison and adopts his father and a young woman called Susan when they have nowhere to go.

Lizzie L Ashley

L-R Juliet Greenwood Anne Bennett Margaret James Minna Howard June Kearns meeting Trisha Ashley

This week, June Kearns and I travelled to London for Trisha Ashley‘s book launch at Daunt’s, Marylebone High Street.

Susanna Dare to Remember

Life begins at… I’ve been lucky to find a career which requires me to write, pretty much every day, and for a huge variety of needs.

Sandy W Memory Spill

‘The town of Bonnyrigg had two railway stations. Dr Beeching, Chairman of British Railways Board closed one and my big brother, Leader of the Black Spot Gang, would accidentally terminate the other. Fortunately, it was on an obsolete branch line which was rarely used: Broomieknowe Railway Station.’