Elise Tree Ailsa A

There are two paulownia trees in the corner of the village square where the men play petanque, opposite the bar.

Joy L This and That

As this post is a slight departure from the norm… I’d like to put strangers to my occasional ramblings in the picture, lest they send ‘the men in white coats’ to my door.

Simon Kettlewell Truth

A few years ago I saw a snippet of a documentary on relationships. It was a snippet because my daughter was very young, I was the main parent, and for years rarely saw a whole programme in one sitting.

Lizzie Lamb Money

Money can be an issue when one retires but I had a great return for money spent last week. Read on and discover what I mean . . .

Christopher Burden

A cryptic note hidden inside a second-hand book sends Hugh Mullion on an obsessive search for its previous owner. Along the way, he uncovers secrets that have lain hidden for sixty years and shatter his views of the certainty of the past.