Barbara Hudson

My novel is called Timed Out because it is about aging and using a computer to try and find love.

Barbara Hudson

Have you thought about becoming a writer? It isn’t for everyone - that’s for sure - but for some of us it is a tremendously fulfilling new direction. You may want to write a memoir for your family and friends, or magazine articles, or stories, or a novel. I hope this short account of my own journey will give you ideas about how to get going.

 Claudia Faraday

The Unlikely Adventures of Claudia Faraday is about sex. Worse, it’s about sex and the older woman.


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Rose leaves her Cornwall café in the capable hands of Hannah, to search in the sweltering slums of Kolkata, India, for her daughter Ellie who has been on a gap year but failed to return.

Monica Wood

I was delighted to receive One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood as a gift from Caitlin at Headline publishers and it is a book that will stay with me for a very long time.