Annie Burrows

Sometimes, I feel as if I'm living in one of those adverts for Specsavers. I'm contributing here today because, yet again, I've been mistaken for (the much more successful) author Annie Barrows.

Pia Jade Lioness 

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Thank you so much to Oapschat for inviting me to talk about my new book The Jade Lioness which is out tomorrow, October 7th!

Tots book

I would like to thank Jan and Oapschat for inviting me to promote my latest book. DI Ted Darling is a brand new type of detective with a unique style. Perfect if you're looking for a different type of read. 'When I'm Old and Grey' is the third book in the series.

 Cathie H book

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I first heard of ‘earworms’ on the radio a few months ago. How horrid, I thought, but don’t worry, they’re not related to earwigs. It’s a good name for the thing it describes – those maddening tunes that keep going round and round in your head, something akin to a ‘haunting melody’ perhaps, but more irritating.

Maggie Corbett

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In the summer of 1965, with ‘A’ levels looming the following year, I crossed the Channel for the first time in the hope of making much needed improvements to my spoken French.