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My brother's then girlfriend's company she worked for were organising a bus to see the Beatles, Sounds Incorporated and Mary Wells in Edinburgh at the Usher Hall.

I had always loved this group and had their pictures all over my bedroom, especially Paul. This was 1965 remember and I was 18 and the Mersey Sound was everywhere

What crowds there were outside the Hall. The police were out in force to make sure we didn't get too outrageous, but we were only interested in hearing their music.

At last we got our seats and Sounds Incorporated started their music and along came Mary Wells and her song "My Guy".

I said we came only to hear the music, well the screaming practically drowned everything out!  It was all we wanted. We shouted "The Beatles, The Beatles!"

One of the many Fabulous Beatles albums

The hall reverberated with the noise and at last four young boys came on to the stage and started playing their magicical music - we thought! The most wonderful time all too soon came to an end and it was time to leave the Hall and head home We picked up our bus nearby and the night"s experience went on in our heads all the way home. I was hoarse with screaming but we had a wonderful time - never to be forgotten.

I will always remember John, Paul, George and Ringo!

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