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Hush little baby
Where the tree-top grows
Lost lonely moonbeam
Where a dark light glows.

Hush little baby
Where the wild wind blows
Tiny blue shadow
Where an icy river flows.

Hush little baby
Whose Mama's heart weeps
Precious still cocoon
Where the soft willow sleeps.

Hush little baby
Who no say a word
Baby's flown to Heaven
On that mocking bird.


Meet The Author...
Fiona Dunn
Author: Fiona Dunn
Who Am I?

My husband calls me his "mad, bonkers, beautiful Scottish wife". Well, I firmly believe that beauty is in 'the eye of the beholder' but he's probably right about the rest. I was born in the Highlands of Scotland and moved to London when I was sixteen. I utterly fell in love with London and spent most of my teenage years in clubs and pubs in Soho.

English at university beckoned and my love of the English language and literature were finely tuned by excellent tutors and I was a completely willing student. Afterwards, I taught for thirty years and it was a tremendous ball. I met inspiring teachers and students and felt privileged to give something to these kids' lives. I currently tutor excluded and fostered children.

Writing poetry is where my mind opens and the ideas and words play and gambol and take on their own life. I just pick up a pen or type on the lap-top. Becoming a newbie oap at fifty-five a couple of weeks ago has encouraged me to realise that those words need more of my time.

That's me.

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