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The Gambler takes the form of a sonnet and was born during my first creative writing course with The Open University back in 2012.


Crowds gather as he enters the blurred place,
the game begins as cards are flipped and laid,
kibitzers nod heads and scan his rat face,
as he sets down his tall tower to play.
A black ace and picture card call the tune
on the table where he makes his first stake,
the squeezing masses mutter its Pontoon
and snigger as they observe this sport snake.
His pile gets high and the pack all cluster,
twist again, twist again, twist again more,
he bites his lips and eyes up the structure
his head throbs as he notes it’s twenty-four.
The gambler’s face pales and his heartbeat pounds,
his legs crush as he cascades to the ground.

Meet The Author...
Patricia M Osborne
Who Am I?

Patricia M Osborne is 62, married and mother to three children and grandmother to four with another on the way end of August.

She was born in Liverpool and spent time in Bolton as a child but now lives in West Sussex.

Apart from poetry, Patricia writes novels and short fiction. Her poetry and short stories have been published in various literary magazines and anthologies and her debut novel was released in March, 2017.

Patricia is Poet in Residence at a local Victorian park. She’s also studying for an MA in Creative Writing with University of Brighton.

Her debut novel House of Grace, a family saga set in the 1950’s/60’s, is available on Kindle or in paperback from Amazon.

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