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Do you buy so called 'flushable' body wipes? If so, you may like to read the following article and perhaps consider an alternative. I have been sent a bottle of Fresh X  Toilet Tissue Spritz to evaluate.

 Fresh X

Aloe Fresh scented spritz

So why all the fuss? Many many reasons. For a start most wipes are NOT flushable. Let me quote from Fresh X themselves. 'Over one billion so called ‘flushable’ wipes containing plastics were sold in the UK last year but unlike toilet tissue they don’t break down easily when flushed and create untold damage to our drains and block the sewers (costing the water companies over £88million a year) and when they eventually reach the ocean are causing havoc with marine life and littering our beaches.

New environmentally friendly freshX ‘Toilet Tissue Spritz’, simply transforms toilet tissue with a quick spritz into a moist, soothing, cleansing wipe with the additional benefits of skin loving ingredients such as Aloe Vera, White tea, Cucumber and vitamins E, B5.'

The 'Toilet Tissue Spritz' comes in 150ml bottle size and is the equivalent of using 300 wipes. Three sprays on two squares of toilet tissue is sufficient for most needs. FreshX ‘Toilet tissue Spritz’ is a new generation of environmental friendly personal care products. The Spritz is available in two formulas, Aloe Fresh which I have and Fragrance Free. The formulas contain botanicals and vitamins and are dermatologically tested for sensitive skins. They are also free from oil, alcohol and parabens.

So, we no longer have to feel guilty about flushing wipes  down the toilet that may say they are 'flushable' but most probably are not. The environment issues become ever more important as the years go by and if you read the below statements, you can see what impact wipes can have on marine life.

Emma Cunningham of the Marine Conservation Society says: From our Great British Beach Clean results in 2016, we have seen a near 7-fold increase in the number of wipes over the last decade. This is a real issue. Containing plastic, the wipes don’t go away, they just slowly break down and become micro plastics which are then ingested by the marine life. We welcome any innovative, free from plastic products that can be flushed down the drain that will help reduce the environmental impact both to the beaches and marine life.

Lara Zimmern, FreshX Marketing Director says: 'We think most consumers are simply not aware of the harm that is caused by flushing anything other than toilet tissue down the toilet. While the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘wet wipes turn nasty’ campaign is helping to raise awareness, labelling on wipes can be confusing and does not always help consumers determine what can’t be flushed safely down our drains. FreshX removes all doubt for consumers who want to use a moist toilet tissue wipe, but care for the environment.'

Fresh X

Photo copyright Thames Water

However, Water UK which represents the UKs water authorities says they need to adopt the SNAP Protocol which is a true reflection of what can / can’t be flushed from Ollie Turner, Communications Officer at Water UK. This might be helpful.

'Water UK has developed its own flushability testing guidelines: 'the SNAP protocol'. These guidelines have been developed based on water industry expertise on flushability in the sewer network.'

'We have also led an international flushability statement, signed by more than 300 organisations from 26 countries outlining the global water industry's current position regarding misleading 'flushable' labelled products:'

'Our toilets are made for the three Ps only – Pee, Poo and (toilet) Paper. In the UK alone, water companies estimate it costs £88 million a year to unblock sewers, and more than half of blockages are caused by wipes, sanitary items and bathroom waste. This does not include the human and environmental impact and cost.'

There are two videos below which are worth watching, one from Fresh X and one from Marine Conservation Society.


FreshX with subtitles

Wet wipes turn nasty when you flush them Marine Conservation Society

FreshX ‘Aloe Fresh’ and ‘Fragrance Free’ is great for all the family and is available both online and nationwide from Sainsbury's. One 150ml bottle (equivalent of 300 wipes) has a recommended retail price of £3.50. At the moment, Sainsbury's are selling them at £3.00. Click on the link to take you to the page. This is a huge saving compared to buying wipes.

If you agree with me after reading this article that 'flushable' wipes are simply not worth the money or the impoact they are having on the environment, why not try the Spritz yourself? I am very pleased with the results and as they are also suitable for children over the age of three as well as adults, a great buy for all the family.

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Lead Photo copyright Fresh X.

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