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I am delighted to be writing my second evaluation of some of the superb range of clothes from Cotswold Collections Autumn catalogue. This time I would like to share with you four items of clothing I have been sent and have mixed and matched with some of my own clothing ranges. 

On a super sunny day, my good friend and I decided to drive around Herefordshire's scenic countryside and take some photos at three of the villages.

The photos below show the items I have been sent plus the codes and prices from the current catalogue. If you click on the individual links and wish to order one or more of the items a £15 discount will be applied to your first online order or £10 discount for your first telephone order.

Cotswold Coll

Textured knit cardigan £79 GE102

 Cotswold Colln

Printed blouse code £79 GE301 


Classic trousers in grey £89 GE502


Reversible jacket £129 GE654 


Reversible jacket £129 GE654 

First stop, Weobley, a pretty black and white village that has been featured on BBC1 The One Show and is always a delight to revisit. There are charming black and white buildings, quirky pubs, an award winning restaurant and some lovely cafés. We walked around the streets and took some photos at various places in the village. Wikipedia states 'In the village is 'the Throne', a large 400-year-old building - King Charles I spent the night here on 5 September 1645, after the Battle of Naseby during the English Civil War.' Now let out as a holiday home, it can sleep up to ten people and looks a fabulous place to stay.


Outside the post office wearing my own cord trousers and reversible jacket item GE654 and blouse item GE301 


One of the many half timbered buildings -wearing my own cord trousers with blouse item GE301 


Wearing my own cord trousers and Cotswold blouse item GE301 

I am stood by the famous Magnus The Magpie, a sculpture by Walenty Pytel. This bird was commissioned by Weobley Parish Council to celebrate National Village of the year title 1999 and the New Millennium December 2000.

Cotswold Cooln

Standing on one of the many well tened lawns with The Salutation pub in the background. Wearing my own cord trousers and Cotswold blouse item GE301 

And so onto Shobden, home of a well known aerodrome, the only licensed one in Herefordshire. Many people get the chance to fly in a Cessna or a helicopter. Shobden gift vouchers are a great idea for an unusual birthday or Christmas present. Shobden also hosts a very popular annual food festival. Situated around 15 miles from Hereford, it is a small village, but the main road is always very busy with many lorries and cars passing through. 

Cotts Colln

Standing near the decking which was buily by my friend's husband. Wearing my own Indian top teamed with Cotswold grey trousers. Item GE502

My thanks to Yvonne and Richard for letting me change my outfits in their house in Shobden. And so on to the areodrome where there were many small planes taking off and landing. Oh to be able to afford one of my own!! Have you ever been up for a ride or should that be glide?!


 Cots Cooln

Wearing my own top with Cotswold grey trousers. Item GE502

The small plane in the background was one I admired!!

Cots Colln

Same outfit as photo above with some of the many planes in the background

Eardisland is a joy to visit and many country walks around Herefordshire start and end here. Eardisland is part of The Black and White Village Trail, which explores the villages of half-timbered, black and white houses to be found in this area of northern Herefordshire. With the River Arrow running through the village, plus many excellent tea rooms, this is a must if you visit Herefordshire. Around twenty miles from Hereford and five miles from Leominster, do add this village to your list if you are planning on visiting!

Cots Colln

A lovely spot for a picnic. I am wearingmy own top with Cotswold grey trousers. Item GE 502

Cots Colln

Same outfit as above standing on the bridge overlooking the River Arrow

Cots Colln

Two swans sharing my photo! Wearing my own top matched with Cotswold green cardigan item GE102 and Cotswold grey trousers item GE 502

Cots Colln

Outside one of the many delightful cottages wearing my own top with Cotswold reversible jacket item GE654 and Cotswold grey trousers item GE502

Cotswold 2nd eval

Home again and enjoying a glass of wine in my garden wearing Cotswold cardigan GE102 and my own cord trousers and top.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the area where I live and seeing the photos of the garments from Cotswold Collections. As stated above all the items shown have £15 off your first online order or £10 off your first telephone order.  Please quote offer code A17CC if ordering by telephone. Should you wish to choose different items from the excellent autumn catalogue, enter this code when you make your purchase. 

I would like to thank Cotswold Collections for letting me have this opportunity to evaluate their clothes which are very well made and of an extremely high quality.


Telephone: 01242 536712

Individual clothing photos copyright Cotswold Collections. All other photos copyright Janice Rosser.

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