Carol H L Plate gran

The sun is shining and we (Little G and I) are hanging out in the park. We have a picnic, some water, some fruit and a selection of toys. Little G is stripped down to her vest and a pair of baggy elasticated trousers. But there is a problem.


First of all, I want to apologise to Mr Bryson (Although, I think, he will not read it), I thought he had made a 'typo' using the word million instead of billion, when he referred to the age of the earth. I was taught in school that a million millions make a billion, but afterwards because Bill Bryson had used American language in his book, I wondered whether Americans calculated a billion differently.



My Guitar Book

I have been playing guitar now for a number of years, albeit not very well, but I really enjoy learning new, and some not so new songs. I have many guitar books with chord symbols and easy to read lyrics and tips on how to play. Guitars make wonderful Christmas presents for any age and I have two guitars for sale.