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I am delighted to welcome Debbie Flint- TV presenter to Oapschat. Below is a profile of Debbie and she has very kindly agreed to answer some questions for me.

Debbie Flint is the proud presenter of QVC Home Shopping Channel in the UK. But she's had her fair share of jobbing presenter work!

She was the first girl in the hot seat on children's BBC TV, replacing Phillip Schofield in the broom cupboard, ('86/'87). Then she shared a couch with Eamon Holmes to help launch BBC Daytime TV, on Open Air ('86/87). Years later, she finally hosted her own BBC1 game show (Meet The Challenge, '98) and has co-presented and reported on numerous other live magazine and entertainment and news shows on Living, BSB, Telewest, SSVC Forces TV, and many radio shows, Piccadilly, LBC, Mercury, Eclipse, BFBS. She has clocked up over 20000 hours of live ad-lib presenting on shopping TV - QVC, Ideal World, Bid TV, HSE, Simply Television - and is one of the country's foremost DRTV consultants, writing, producing and presenting infomercials, including two of the most successful shows in the UK in the early 2000's.

After nine years away Debbie returned to QVC in October 2009 and is currently one of the top UK shopping television presenters.

1. What or who inspires you?

Other people's success stories, adversity, being challenged that 'you can't' and getting in the right head space. Or a dreamy movie or book, which leaves me with that warm fuzzy feeling that makes me think 'I can do that!'

2. Describe a typical day.

There isn't one! Today I will get up late, usually 11ish as I went to sleep around 4-am (night owl cos of late shifts at qvc), sit in bed with cuppa tea doing emails and social media replies, walk dogs 'n' do some exercise, have lunch but only when I'm hungry (am currently updating my semi autobiographical weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims (2.0 The a When Diet) and one of the rules of Freedom Eating is to wait till you're six on the hunger scale). I've got work this evening, where I will meet for coffee with one of the fashion designers who is a dear friend, before his show with me at ten, then home to do more social media before settling down to do some writing. My next task is to create the PG (non-steamy) version of Hawaiian Retreat, my latest steamy romance - tastefully spicy, as a pal says. Well I reduce the 'shades of grey' to about one or two for the PG - it's kind of off white rather than grey, really... Lol. Also I'll have Lots of chats with family and friends along the way. If I can fit in lunch with daughter who works nearby, I will do!

3. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Oh a cruise without a doubt! Then you don't have to choose one destination! Went recently on my first one, to Turkey, Black Sea, Greek Islands, on the Thomson Celebration , and it was fantastic. In fact, I want to live on a cruise ship! They even made me veggie sausages fresh each morning! Cor! But I'm also a UK holiday lover - Champneys, Center Parcs, writing retreats etc are what I do mostly.

4. How do you relax?

Meditate, read, sit with dogs, laugh with friends ,have a massage... Oo I need one of those now! Have been writing a lot lately!

5. Do you prefer a sweet or savoury dish?

Savoury without a doubt! I gave up sugar about three years ago, then went mainly macrobiotic two years ago - found out I can't eat dairy (I used to love it) and my body is so much happier without it- virtually no asthma, no bloated tummy or lethargic feeling. Scary how food makes such a massive difference. I make some sweeter treats from recipe list, with non refined sugar ingredients, no wheat either, nut based mostly - she's a real guru, and some of her stuff will be in the TTFLS 2.0 book. Sweet stuff isn't forbidden, but if I'm not careful, I get a sugar hangover - seriously - if I eat more than a tiny bit of something like Choc brownie or cake. I keep savoury snacks with me too, almonds, brazils, walnuts - yum! And I love houmous. I make my own (Marlene's recipe again) from adzuke beans - oo it's making me hungry just thinking about it! Hehe!

6. Do You listen to pop, rock or classical music?

Pop every time. I love the hits, the best of's, and the cheesy complications - currently listening to Barry Manilow (the slow ones ) on iPod! Haha! I love Adele, Michael Buble, Rumer, Il Divo, Soul and Motown and Kate Bush, have followed her since I was 16! Just wish I'd been quick enough to get a ticket for her gigs!

7. What was the last book you bought?

Just bought it actually, on offer by a friend, Boot Camp Bride by Liz Lamb on Kindle. But I thrive on audio books, I listen to 1-3 a week, during my long journeys - I love having some one read me a story in the car! I used to listen to self help tapes for years , like Wayne Dyer, my hero, but never thought of buying stories! Lee Child and Robert Galbraith (J K Rowling's cosy crime pen name) are my faves.

8. Who would play lead role if a book was a film?

Crumbs that's a hard one. Funnily enough when I picture characters, they're usually themselves, not based on an actor. But I have to say there's a little Daniel Craig in the rugged billionaire hero, playboy Mac, in Hawaiian affair. Sadie is more curvy than your traditional heroine too, and when she meets him she thinks he's a deck hand on a luxury yacht. You can guess where it goes... Or can you?! But I do allude to him looking like a latter day Bond in the book!

9. Do you prefer to watch comedy or drama TV?

Probably drama, because here are so few comedies that we do well. Mr Selfridge, Downton Abbey of course, my absolute 'must's', but Matt LeBlanc's Episodes series is genius. Pure genius. He won a golden globe I think for his role, and he's complemented by our Stephen Mangan and the fabulous Tamsin Greig - watch it on catch up, it's great! Mainly tho I love films - have watched tons over the years - Bridget Jones being amongst my faves (Mad about The Boy, book 3, is a fantastic audiobook out last year too). I am writing a script for a TV series called French or Dutch based on the early days of birth control, along with a pal who was a Hollywood scriptwriter, and the discipline is very different to writing novels or short stories, my usual genre!

10 .What are your plans for the next twelve months?

Get slimmer and fitter - it's working so far thank goodness, in baby steps! Lol. See my two grown up kids settle in their new houses with their partners - and maybe find me a man...! Haha! Seriously, just to get better balance of relaxation as well as hard work, and to work alongside Choc Lit the exciting publisher who have just taken me on with a publishing deal for my Hawaiian trilogy - a revamped version will be out on ebook by end of year with their paperback in independent bookshops for the first time , in 2015. Print on demand from amazon through self-publishing is fine, but I can't wait for that first pic of my book on an actual shelf in a shop - they supply W H Smiths travel too, so maybe there also, if I'm lucky. That would be a true ambition fulfilled! Plus continue to do Try it For The First Time club - TiFFT for short - where each month I do something different I've never done before. Sadie's sister Helen has a column doing just that , in Hawaiian retreat, so I should get out and do some of the ones I've included in the story, instead of just writing about it! Haha! I am due to go indoor parachuting soon too, so that'll help spice things up! Especially if there's a nice eligible hunky instructor to help make me fly.... :-)

Debbie flints books are currently all available on Amazon for Kindle or Kindle app or laptop. Go to to get the links from her 'writer' page. You can follow her on twitter @debbieflint, or Facebook, or email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - she loves to hear your dieting problems or feedback on her steamy romances!

Plus keep abreast of her news by subscribing to her newsletter on her website Where you can also see links to all her books on the Writer page, as well as her well-being blogs Back to You with lots of health information, plus her books blog with news on how you can self publish too (Read it Write it Sell it page). Or 'like' her DebbieFlintQVC author page on Facebook!'

Thank you so much Debbie for your time, the interview has been a real pleasure. 

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